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Project openART

Project openART

North America's largest digital art transformation project with NFTs for local and international artists.

Democratizing art.

Project openART is North America's largest digital art transformation project with NFTs for local and international artists. With Project openART, we're making avant-garde fine art accessible to all. Our partners enjoy free access to our collection that features works from emerging local artists and also from international legends like Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Leonardo Da Vinci. Project openART is fully funded by Digiphy and Gradenova Foundation, a non-profit that empowers underrepresented artists.

Earn passive income.

Project openART comes with free access to our partner program, and on average our partners earn between $100 to $1000 per month. All streamed artworks have QR codes, and when your customer scans the QR code for purchase, they get a 5% off and you get a 5% commission. You can also choose to donate your share to charity.

More than just art.

Support local artists by exhibiting their artworks at your space and help them succeed. Our artworks can improve ambiance by 74% and improve customer experience by 55%. This promotes a happier environment which is great for your business. Moreover, we're the world's first platform that sells art in its digital and physical form. We not only ship the physical artwork, but we also send a digital NFT (Non-Fungible Token) on the blockchain.

By leveraging the power of AI we are able to enhance our curation process and deliver unprecedented results.

After our experts curate the artworks, our proprietary AI algorithm refines the collection to only show art that improves ambiance by 74% and improves customer experience by 55%. We do this by filtering art to our selection criteria, which is based on psychologist recommendations and proven scientific research.


  • Transform your space with $3 Billion worth of curated art
  • Improve ambiance by 74%
  • Improve customer experience by 55%
  • Sell Physical artworks + Blockchain NFT's and earn 5% commission
  • Support local artists


  • Paid quarterly via e-transfer.


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Available Now