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Digiphy Labs

Digiphy Labs

Digiphy Labs creates custom URL & IRL experiences across the physical world & metaverse
IRL Experiences
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Bespoke Web3 Experiences

Digiphy Labs creates unique URL & IRL experiences that feature a blend of NFTs, crypto, art, & culture. Digiphy Labs works on special web3 projects that advance physical art experiences into the era of digital NFTs. See below for some examples of the work we do.


ArtTV is 24x7 live art stream that streams a professionally curated digital collection of physical fine art around the clock on any digital display. Our $3 Billion worth of collection features works from international legends like Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Leonardo Da Vinci and also includes works from emerging local artists. ArtTV displays high definition artworks in stunning 4K resolution that look magical on all screens.

ArtTV Live: http://youtube.com/channel/UConBfGfF_oFtU-rYAU_lTtw/live

Vancouver Bar Crawl.

Vancouver Bar Crawl is ranked the #1 Bar Crawl in Canada (Canada’s Best Bar Crawl Experiences 2022 List). Recognized by Forbes as one of the leading NFT events, this IRL event embodies the future of technology, arts & culture. Physical art NFTs are showcased throughout. The experience includes VIP access, complimentary drinks and NFT rewards at the Vancouver's top bars.

Vancouver Bar Crawl's 'SURVIVOR' NFT sold out in 2 days. Additionally, guests are rewarded with the 'FRENZ' NFT for making new friends at the event. View the collection on OpenSea. All NFT's are powered by Digiphy.

Vancouver Bar Crawl: https://vancouverbarcrawl.ca/

Metaverse Thursdays.

Metaverse's weekly celebration of visual and sound art. Every Thursday at 8 pm PDT. Featuring visuals by 300+ Canadian Artists & sounds by Droktr.

Metaverse Coordinates: http://meta.digiphy.io/

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International Web3 Research Institute (IW3RI)

International Web3 Research Institute (IW3RI)

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